ABEST21 Accreditation Standards

ABEST21 Accreditation Standards consists of six areas:

  • Internal Quality Assurance and Management
  • Mission Statement
  • Curriculum
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Educational Infrastructure

Each area consists of standards, and under these standards there are Criteria which are detailed standards for self-check. In the analysis of the SCR, the school has to conduct self-check and self-evaluation on education and reserch activities based on all the 22 standards and 85 criteria.

Chapter 1: “Internal Quality Assurance and Management”

  • Academic Unit Management
  • Governance System
  • Self-Check/Self-Evaluation
  • Staff-Development

Chapter 2: “Mission Statement”

  • Mission Statement
  • Financial Strategies

Chapter 3: “Curriculum”

  • Learning Goals
  • Curriculum Policy and Management of Curriculum
  • Quality Improvement of Curriculum
  • Online Education
  • Diploma Policy and Learning Outcomes
  • Globalization of Curriculum

Chapter 4: “Students”

  • Admission Policy and Student Selection
  • Student Encouragement and Support
  • Student Body Diversity

Chapter 5: “Faculty”

  • Faculty Structure
  • Faculty Qualifications
  • Maintenance of Education and Research Environment
  • Faculty Development
  • Faculty Diversity

Chapter 6: “Educational Infrastructure”

  • Maintenance of Educational Infrastructure
  • Globalization of Educational Infrastructure

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