Message from PresidentAbout us

April 1, 2020
ITOH Fumio, President
ABEST21 International

The current age of globalization creates the challenges for universities, which have never been greater. No single institution can recruit, develop or retain all the resources required to cover every aspect of higher education. As such, universities are challenged as never before to develop and maintain first-class education programs. Also, globalization is a process of mutually respecting and accepting each other’s culture and values. This process demands that we look at ourselves from a different point of view. At ABEST21, we like to keep this in mind and wish to continue to foster the idea of collaboration, cooperation and mutual understanding. Therefore, we will continue to put efforts in establishing a system for “Assessing Today for Tomorrow” and a system for “Enriching the Global Knowledge Network.” Because in this modern society where the educational and research environment is changing so rapidly, universities should not only pursue “how they wish to be”, but also extend their goal to “how they should be”. Under the complicated globalized society of the 21st Century, the universities need to adopt the perspective of “how they should be” to survive in the future.