School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

1) Comprehensive Comments

The School has been doing a good job on education’s quality improvement in accordance with its action plans. Most of the action plans were implemented. We hence would like to encourage the School to continue with quality improvement in order to stay competitive and reach its goal. Moreover, it will be good for the public if the School shares its good practices with other schools, including how it manages its own teamwork for quality improvement.
We also hope the School can complete the loop of PDCA. The School has already performed PLAN and DO. Hence, we would like to see that the School will continue with CHECK and ACTION procedures. Furthermore, staff involvement in the community service should be improved to increase SBM ITB’s contribution to the society. The School is also advised to provide students with more research skills and methods, and with more knowledge of technology.

The School’s Feedback:

Thank you, and we really appreciate the comments and feedback from esteemed reviewers for SBM ITB continuous improvement to make an impact for the benefit of the stakeholders in Indonesia and globally.

PRT Responses:

Please keep on improving your School’s education quality.

2) Good Practices in improvement

School’s good practice in improvement includes “Smart Platform for Academic Environment” (SPACE), an online platform which integrates all academic matters. Additional good practices are as follows:

  • Good teamwork among the staff
  • Developed endowment and contingency plans
  • ASA unit to help students in academic and non-academic matters
  • The policy to encourage senior faculty members collaborate with junior faculty members to increase research output
  • International exposure for supporting staff
  • Dashboard to monitor Mission Achievement
  • Systematic alumni contribution scheme to support Mission Achievement
  • Development of facilities for student-to-student interaction.
3) Matters to be noted

For the quality improvement of the School to be sustainable, the School should also make sure that the workload of every academic and administrative staff member is not too heavy. The School should also monitor the quality of life of the staff members. The concern is that very active KAIZEN work may put too much load on the faculty members and the staff members, and maybe students as well. Anyway, SBM ITB showed excellent performance in KAIZEN activities in these 3 years.
The School may have informal meetings with students to get more feedback to improve the academic processes.

The School’s Feedback:

Thank you, we really appreciate the comments and feedback related to faculty members/staff members’ workload and the students’ academic learning process improvement from esteemed reviewers. Through continuous improvement, we believe SBM ITB will achieve the mission and meet the needs of the stakeholders not only in Indonesia and but also globally.

PRT Responses:

The School has been doing a good job, but it should be noted that it needs to complete the loop of PDCA, i.e. not only PLAN and DO, but also implement CHECK and ACTION procedures.