Faculty of Economics, Universitas Islam Sultan Agung, Semarang, Indonesia

1. Accreditation Comprehensive Review


“ABEST21 certifies that the School’s educational and research activities generally satisfy accreditation standards. The School’s Kaizen plans are good and quality maintenance and prospects for the improvement of education and research are promising and good. Accreditation commences April 1, 2021 for a five-year period.”

PRT Comprehensive Comments:

In general, the School satisfies the majority of the ABEST21 standards. Hence, the PRT team members support the UNISSULA (UPA) in its pursuit of ABEST21 accreditation. However, the School should address the comments that were given by the PRT members.

2. Good Practice in the Program Management Education


“Islamic Accounting Education Values”


The UNISSULA (UPA) is committed to upholding Islamic values in its education process, thus it has a unique strength in teaching Islamic accounting.

3. Matters to be noted

Please refer to Improvement Issues section in SCR report to see the comments of all PRT members. We hope the School will carefully investigate the issues raised.