Faculty of Economics, Universita Andalas, Indonesia

1) Comprehensive Comments

In general, the team agrees that the School has already made good progress on its action plans, but there are still some suggestions.

  • Using a term like “business simulation” to denote “business plan”, and “internship” for “business consultation” could create a misunderstanding on the part of stakeholders. The School states that business simulation as one of the methods used in teaching and learning. We suggest that the School could try to use the real business simulation software. The School can consider using Business Simulation software such as Capsim that gives students to solve managerial problems through simulation games imitating real-life companies. This software allows students to experience running a company and making executive decisions on product design, pricing, and marketing strategy among others, in a robust, risk-free environment as they are dealing with virtual companies or industries.
  • The School mentions that case study is one of its unique attributes, so there should be more activities to strengthen case study competence, not just workshop. Creating institution/laboratory and giving stimuli for the lecturers is one example. Transforming student theses into business cases is also possible. Since the School also mentions Case Study as another important teaching and learning method, it is suggested that the School develops their own case studies so that students have access to more local cases.
  • In doing so, the School could organize more workshops to assist lecturers into writing case studies. The cases can be derived from the students’ Master thesis, as most of the theses are applied research conducted in local companies. This is also another opportunity for the lecturers/students to publish their works.
  • The School has revised its Kaizen Report well, but there are still many typos, and more information should be shared. The School needs to provide appropriate evidence to support the claims made in the Kaizen report.

The School shows that the collaboration is already in place for many concentrations. But the activities and certification are still focused on finance concentration. The future activities should give more balance for students.

The School’s Feedback:

We have provided some evidence like Survey results, photos and explanations.
For business simulation, we will optimize this subject by applying some simulation software in future including such as Capsim.
Currently, we have some students who use Case Study for their thesis. We will encourage more students to use Case Study for their thesis. We will encourage them to elaborate the national dan local case studies.
Actually, we have offered the certification for all concentrations, but there were still lack of information about non-financial certification in Indonesia. We will gather more information about the non-financial certification program and offer it to our lecturers.

PRT Responses:

Feedback accepted.

2) Good Practices in improvement

The School implements many good practices to be emulated. For example, the School:

  • Provides opportunity for students to participate in exchange program. But the School should consider increasing the number of university partners.
  • Collaborates with local companies to improve the School’s infrastructure and build GIBEI – an effort to educate students and community about stock market investment.
  • Encourages students to set up student associations that match different MM concentrations. Based on the report, it can be found that the students’ association is focusing on Finance. It is suggested that the School should encourage its students to set up other associations related to other MM concentrations such as Human Resources or Marketing.
3) Matters to be noted

The School could develop instrument to measure/evaluate effectiveness for their quality assurance. No activities are proposed to evaluate the effectiveness. In future, there should be more attention to assessing the program quality assurance.
The School should provide evidence for all the activities/programs described in the report. The School should provide a feedback mechanism for all the activities in order to assess program effectiveness and staff competence.

The School’s Feedback:

Currently we do assessment for lecture process every semester. But we will improve our assessment for all activities to measure their effectiveness. Thank you for your suggestions.

PRT Responses:

The Assessment that we mean is not about for assessing the lectures, but also for the courses, for LO, etc. The School can build its own measurement.