Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Udayana, Denpasar, Indonesia

1. Accreditation Comprehensive Review


“ABEST21 certifies that the School’s educational and research activities satisfy more than half of accreditation standards. However, there is room for Kaizen in quality maintenance and prospects for the improvement of education and research. Accreditation commences April 1, 2021 for a five-year period.”

PRT Comprehensive Comments:

There are two reports that the PRT members have read carefully. The first report was very far from what was expected, was submitted in a hurry, had many errors in writing and did not meet ABEST21 standards. After the PRT members conducted online visits and gave their feedback, the report was reassessed. The details of PRT comprehensive comments are as follows:

  • The PRT team agreed that the report was written in accordance with the suggestions for improvement, even though it did not meet the overall PRT team’s expectations.
  • Although the School has met the local education quality standards and humanizing criteria domestically, it is not properly global.
  • The School has a potential to globalize the education due to its strategic location and unique local culture. Unfortunately, these are not well utilized.
  • The School needs to design the strategy and build capacity to attract the international students and faculty members.
  • The School shall need to work strategically with industry and alumni to generate endowment and bring issues and experiences from the industry to the classroom.
2. Good Practice in the Program Management Education


“To be the Leading Grad B-School of Hospitality Management based on Local Culture, Wisdom and Values”


The School has a sufficient capacity to deliver graduate programs. Its location is strategically close to the popular tourist destinations and the centers of hospitality industry. Besides, alumni who are now leaders in the hospitality sector offer their help with the delivery of the industry-based curriculum.
The unique local culture and wisdom are a differentiating asset of the School. Overall, the School has successfully adopted local culture and wisdom as the basis to educate the students who plan to focus on the entrepreneurship and business management in the hospitality industry. The School has great potential to become an excellent graduate B-School with proper strategic plan and stakeholders’ support.

3. Matters to be noted
  • The School lacks globalization of education – it needs to introduce student and faculty exchange programs, and develop global competencies.
  • The School lacks governance principles (management, responsibility, authority, direction etc.)
  • There is no proper financial sustainability plan.
  • There are no incentives / rewards for the outstanding achievements for the staff and students.
  • The School needs to improve current infrastructure and accommodate the diversity (people, religion, etc.).

PRT team wants to see the highlighted progress that has been made (not a plan to do) in the upcoming Kaizen report.