Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Indonesia

1) Comprehensive Comments

Overall, there is evidence that FEB UKSW has taken initiatives to respond to the Action Plans as stated in the SCR 2017. For example, a well-established quality assurance policy, involvement of International Guest Lecturers in program delivery, emphasis on research activities, and promoting staff development were all sighted in the report and during the peer review visit. All these efforts are commendable as they can drive positive improvement for both the program and the University in the long run. Even though we can see an improvement on some of the issues in action plan, if we look at the output that was planned, the School could have performed better. This is due to challenges and weaknesses that should be overcome by the School. Therefore, there are some suggestions to be considered for the improvement purposes. The matters to be noted are presented in section 3. Also, support from the University becomes one of the important things for the School since many system and procedures are centralized at the university level.

The School’s Feedback:

The study program will communicate the review results from the PRT member related to the development of the system and procedures which are centralized at the university level, in order to support the development at the study program level.

PRT Responses:

Agree with the School’s Feedback. It should have a close relationship with university.

2) Good Practices in Improvements

Even though the School has put a lot of effort in improving its quality in many aspects, basically what it has done is common practice, typical for other schools. However, appreciation should be given to the School especially for its effort in several issues such as:

  • Well-established quality assurance policy.
  • The MM program involves the participation of the International Guest Lecturers, which enhances the internationalization aspect.
  • Support on research activities among staff and students such as research facilities, incentives and funding.
  • Staff development activities.

Appreciation should be given to the School especially for its effort in improving publication output. The School is trying hard to provide facilities, incentives and funding for the faculty members so that they are motivated to improve their publication output in terms of not just quantity but also quality.

3) Matters to be Noted

The School should pay more attention to several issues that were not very well addressed, such as increasing the quality of information/feedback gathered from external stakeholders, promotion program, and cooperation with external institutions especially for international exposure. In detail, the matters to be noted by FEB UKSW are as follows:

  • There is a need to consider inputs from the stakeholders (i.e., industry, external examiners, collaborative partners, etc.) in reviewing its mission statement (Action Plan 2-1).
  • The School needs to improve the viability of the existing Tracer study in collecting students/Alumni feedback. The School should also consider alternative method of collecting this information, such as using social media (Action Plan 2-2).
  • There is a need to look into other alternatives (i.e., professional courses, training, conferences, workshops, consultancy activities, etc.) to generate more funds to support the operation of the University (Action Plan 2-3).
  • There is a need to provide case study training/workshop for faculty to write and publish management case studies (Action Plan 3-2).
  • There is a need to implement assessment rubric for all the courses for MM (Action Plan 3-3).
  • The School needs to consider having career counselling unit and SOP for career guidance to assist students in their career planning (Action Plan 3-4).
  • There is a need to review the current reward system for faculty member performance (Action Plan 3-5).
  • The School needs to consider the use of social media marketing and online marketing to promote the program. For this issue, it is important for the School to be able to highlight its uniqueness compared to other schools (Action Plan 4-1).
  • The School needs to have partnership network with multinational companies (MNCs) and other schools (Action Plan N-1).
  • There is a need to create the system/intranet/online portal to facilitate the learning process of the students and to improve the administrative process (Action Plan N-5).

Also, the School should pay more attention to increasing the number of guest lectures and enhancing its international exposure. The School can also consider enhancing collaboration not only with other schools but also with companies.

The School’s Feedback:

Thank you for the PRT members’ comments. The following are the study program’s responses to each of the following points:

  • The study program will make FGDs on a routine basis with alumni and stakeholders (such as industries, academicians, the government, etc.), as well as take in constructive feedback from industries when they become presenters in guest lectures of MM FEB UKSW.
  • The study program will implement a tracer study system which is currently being applied by web-based universities. The study program also has a partnership with the alumni network association (Ikasatya) and utilizes social media that is managed by the secretary of the study program.
  • The study program will increase the involvement of the faculty staff members in research and community service activities. The faculty will optimize the role of the Management Department Academic Supporting Unit (MARTCON) in the business consultant service field, training, workshops/seminars, etc., as a source of input for FEB UKSW. Therefore, the faculty members are encouraged to be actively involved in the activity agendas.
  • FEB UKSW will hold case study competitions for graduate students (Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree programs) at the national level as one of the activities of the FEB UKSW 61st Anniversary in December 2020. FEB also supports its staff to improve their case study writing skills through workshops and training, as well as funding to join the activities.
  • The study program will impose an evaluation rubric for all courses by referring to the current rubric template.
  • The study program does not independently arrange career SOP for its graduates, because this task is managed by the Satya Wacana Career and Alumni Center (SWCA), which is at the university level. In the future, the study program will suggest the formation of the Satya Wacana Postgraduate Association to the university.
  • The study program will suggest a holistic evaluation instrument for the three obligations of a higher education institution to be applied at the university level.
  • The School will show several attributes of its program in promotional content, such as: The Church Management concentration which is not offered by other business schools, as well as a trimester course system which expedites students to finish their studies. In relation to the promotional media, the study program will utilize online media (such as social media) and conventional media, as well as collaboration through WOM. This activity will be completely supported by the faculty promotion team.
  • In an effort to conduct partnerships with multinational companies, the study program has invited practitioners from MNCs to give guest lectures (Appendix 3a-3c attached). Besides that, several MM alumni have been hired to work at PT. Selalu Cinta Indonesia (SCI). Meanwhile, for a teaching partnership, the faculty has implemented a partnership with La Trobe University in the form of writing in a book chapter.
  • The study program will follow up further with the online learning and administration issues. The university already has a dashboard related to admissions information, finance, lecturer data, and room management, but it does not cover all of the necessary information. In relation to the learning monitoring and administration, the faculty already has a BRAVO application.

PRT Responses:

Agree with The School’s Response, all the program already in line with PRT Recommendation.