Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto, Indonesia

1. Accreditation Comprehensive Review


“ABEST21 certifies that the School’s educational and research activities generally satisfy accreditation standards. The School’s Kaizen plans are good and quality maintenance and prospects for the improvement of education and research are promising and good. Accreditation commences April 1, 2021 for a five-year period.”

PRT Comprehensive Comments:

During online Peer Review Visit to FEB UNSOED on 7th and 8th September 2020, peer reviewers drew information from the institution’s Self-Check/Self-Evaluation Report (SCR – FEB UNSOED) and other institutional documents to determine if the Criteria are being met. The SCR is one portion of the comprehensive evaluation for institutions in the ABEST21 standards.

The PRT Comprehensive Review serves to:

  • Provide evidence that the FEB-UNSOED meets the Criteria for ABEST21 Accreditation’s standards.
  • Review how Self-Check and Self-Evaluation are integrated into FEB-UNSOED’s overall performance improvement strategies.
  • Identify actions that are developed to address Strategic Issues.
  • Facilitate FEB-UNSOED continuing commitment to quality improvement with the PRT comments.

However, there are accreditation standards that must be immediately addressed by FEB-UNSOED, such as Standard 13: Globalization of Educational Programs, and prior areas of concern related to other standards.

2. Good Practice in the Program Management Education


“Management Education with Practical Orientation”


FEB-UNSOED has special circumstances they wish to address in their management education, and the institution is committed to practical orientation of its educational program. Their current talent, i.e. faculty members is required to embrace the practical approach in the educational programs.

3. Matters to be noted

Although FEB-UNSOED determines the content of its SCR, there are standards that must be clearly addressed and there are prior areas of concern expressed by the PRT.

  • SCR needs to be submitted for professional proofreading because some grammatical and spelling errors were found in all standards. In addition to that, tables in the report should be properly numbered.
  • The School should think of planning international mobility for faculty, staff and students with other universities.
  • With high teaching load, the School should consider allocating special research time to its faculty.
  • A reward system to motivate faculty members to publish is required.
  • A new standard operating procedure (SOP) to cater for Covid-19 pandemic is needed.
  • Students require more international exposure.
  • More discussions with industry partners or practitioners on the curriculum review and curriculum design are needed.
  • The School needs to provide more scholarship opportunities for local students as well.
  • Library resources need to be upgraded, e.g. subscription to the international journals.