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From the President's desk

Fumio Itoh The number of member schools at ABEST21 has increased and doubled in 2009 to 34 business schools from 15 different countries. As the number of members and diversity increase, we feel it necessary to understand different cultures much deeper so that a stronger bond among our global members can be built. Globalization necessitates mutual respect and acceptance of other ultures and different values, which are closely connected with the origin of "individualism". The process of acknowledging and understanding different religious beliefs means understanding "individualism" as well, which then asks us to see many things from more tolerant and flexible perspectives. Keeping this in mind, we wish to continue fostering cooperation and mutual understanding among our members. The era of globalization and accelerating speed of changes in the business world, particularly in the field of information and communication technologies, the demands on highly qualified educational resources have never been greater than before.

No single institution can recruit, develop or retain all necessary human resources permanently and cover many aspects of management education all by itself. Today's business schools are facing with new challenges and growing demands to offer and sustain qualitative management education programs in order to cope with this rapidly changing society and world of economy. These social and industrial needs led us to establish ABEST21. This is why we, ABEST21, envisage that business schools under a global knowledge network dedicate to sharing knowledge and skills, developing and applying new technologies and advancing management theory and practice. By sharing diverse strengths of all the members under this network, we hope to create more synergies, which would contribute significantly to quality improvement of management education at all institutions of our members through stronger mutual collaboration work on a global basis.

We are still in the early stage of our own organizational development process since its foundation on July 1st of 2005 and have to grow further. Yet we believe through the past opportunities to seek and promote global cooperation, we can continuously ensure and offer better and higher quality of management education to each individual who can eventually contribute to peace and prosperity of our own world.

FumioITOH, President